Writing Books in Preschool

Over the last few weeks we have discussed different ways of keeping a record of the progress of children’s writing. Every child in our setting has a learning journal where we store observations and photographs as well as a selection of art work that relates to children’s interests or next steps. However we found that children’s writing may not always fit in with what they are currently working on, yet we would still like to record it.

I have been researching different ideas of writing books or journals, to see how we can adjust these for us.

Reading Binder CoversSource: Lessons With Laughter

I really loved the idea of using scrapbook paper to make each child a different front cover that will help them to recognise their own book.

journals - 01

Source: Preschool Daze

I enjoy the idea of having a fixed journal time every day and providing children with a focussed activity to complete at that time. This would prevent the children from not knowing what to write about or draw, however I feel it may also inhibit their creativity and give it a more forced appearance. We would like as much “free” work inside the writing books as possible.

writing teaching2and3yearolds.com

Source: Teaching 2 and 3 year olds

I really liked these writing starters and that the books are available to the older children all the time. We could set up a journey writing table for our children and simply have different writing tools available for children to use, without asking them to.

writing prompts secondstorywindow.typepead.com

Source: Second Story Window

After all what we would like to start doing is offer writing prompts along the lines of the ones Second Story Window talks about. We always have an activity table set up and we may add the children’s journals near that area, so we can simply get the children to reflect on the topic they are learning about at the minute and the journals will be a great place to store the children’s efforts.

Do you use writing books or journals in your pre-school?



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